“Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage and Pro-Family”


Welcome to IFA-PAC!

The goal of the Illinois Family Action-PAC is to participate in political action activities that create a strong and effective voice for Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage and Pro-Family decisions in the Land of Lincoln. The primary purpose of the IFA-PAC is screening, endorsing, and financially supporting candidates for legislative and statewide offices.

The IFA-PAC will be an ongoing entity that will strategically support select pro-life and pro-family candidates in state legislative and statewide cabinet races but also in some federal elections.

Members of the IFA-PAC will consist of those who have given at least a $25 contribution.  The IFA-PAC gives our members the ability to support deserving, pro-family statesmen.  It also allows our supporters to counterbalance the numerous special interest groups on the left that have long used PAC money to run negative ad campaigns and to discourage social conservative men and women from running for office.

To become a member of the Illinois Family Action-PAC, click HERE to make a donation of at least twenty-five dollars or more.

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